July 8, 2009

I wouldn't make a great cruise director...

...no matter what I plan for the day it never seems to be as much fun for Henry as I thought. Seeing the painted horses in Barrington was fun and I should have quit while I was ahead. The next day I took Henry to Rainforest Cafe and he was terrified. Four days later he is still saying "scared--no--animals". On Sunday I took him to the community pool. He cried for an hour and a half because he thought I put his suit on to play in our tiny water table in the front yard. He was miserable, everyone stared at us and I was out $10. Liam, of course, allows himself to be carted around from one misadventure to another. He gets his revenge at night--waking every 3 hours to nurse. No amount of white noise, soothing or ignoring will get him to quiet until he has fed for at least 30 minutes in my arms. I've even tried giving him formula in the middle of the night to see if that would buy me an extra hour or two of sleep. Nope, every 180 minutes, those little eyes pop open and the screaming begins. Fortunately, the crying does not seem to wake Henry who is asleep storing energy so he can pound his feet on the bedroom wall at 6 am.

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