August 4, 2009

House Rules

  1. No television before breakfast (unless mommy needs to check her e-mail).
  2. No freeze pops before noon (unless mommy is worried you are getting dehydrated).
  3. Buy all kids' clothing on clearance (unless it is a really cute outfit, too good to pass up).
  4. Buy all kids' clothing one size larger than you wear now (unless...see #3)
  5. Buy clothing only for Henry because Liam can wear hand-me-downs (unless...see #3)
  6. Get books from the library instead of Borders (unless mommy needs a break in their cafe)
  7. No Legos in the sandbox (unless mommy realizes you are just being a creative thinker--and isn't that what Legos are for?)
  8. No annoying motion activated toys (unless given to you by grandma who would never forgive mommy for getting rid of them.)
  9. No cups of milk in the bath tub (unless you haven't had calcium for days and mommy is getting desperate.)
  10. No markers in the house.

1 comment:

  1. Once upon a time Aunt Elsie bought her nieces (listed in order of age) Susie, Lila, and Marianne lovely lavendar dresses of such good quality that they never wore out. As a result, Marianne never seemed to outgrow her lovely lavendar dress. Liam, my dear, get used to hand-me-downs BUT enjoy the plus of being the youngest--that of being noticed less often because your mama has seen it all before. Besides, when you are wearing hand-me-downs, there's far less fuss about keeping them stain free.