December 27, 2009

Holiday Highlights

I admit that I am one of the many who find the holidays difficult.  Of course, I know the importance of making Christmas the very best it can be for my children.  They don't deserve to feel any of  "my stuff".  I will always try to shelter them from my holiday blues.  I can keep them well occupied with gifts and goodies.  Despite some emotional ups and downs and a case of the stomach flu, I had so many joyful moments with my children.  So much to be grateful for, so many reasons to embrace the holiday season.  Henry really understood Santa's visit and he certainly enjoyed making cookies as much as Liam enjoyed taking a few bites when no one was looking.  I'm so glad I have this photo of Henry holding his gift to me.  It meant the world to me--if the those chocolates had been solid gold they would not have been more valuable.  He even wrote out the gift tag.  I will cherish that present forever.  (Even if the candy will be gone in a few days!)


  1. That is wonderful that Henry wrote the gift tag himself! Suitable for framing and it really is one of those moments of joy that brings out the meaning of the holidays.

  2. Priceless. I just makes your heart so full so see them experience things and create memories that will be inside their hearts for life.
    So sorry you were sick but sounds like it was lovely for your boys.