December 18, 2009

Holiday Music Top Ten

Ok, I only listed six songs.  I was just seeing if you were paying attention.   And "Top Ten" sounds much better.  Every single year, I unpack my many Christmas cds during the Thanksgiving weekend.  I then misplace them and can't find them until the New Year.  Even I cannot believe how unwavering I am with this tradition.  Thank goodness for digital music and the Internet! 

Here they are, my Fa La La La La Favorites....
A Baby Changes Everything - Faith Hill   I heard this song late one miserable Christmas Eve.  It cut through the pain like pure starlight.  Even now, I can barely hold back the tears when I hear it play.  Faith Hill's voice is extraordinary on this one.

Mary Did You Know? - Natalie Cole    For the first time in many years, I heard this song in church a few weeks ago.  From a certain perspective, it's another "hold back the tears" tune.

Where Are You Christmas? - Faith Hill   Aside from watching my children celebrate, I admit that I am not particularly looking forward to the big day this year.  This song takes a little bah out of my humbug.

The Bells of St. Mary's - Sheryl Crow    So very romantic. The perfect holiday slow dance song.  But you'll have to take my word for it.  I can't find a free online link.

Do They Know It's Christmas? - Band Aid   Reminds me to quit my whining and look at the bigger picture.

O Holy Night    If I could  pick just one Christmas hymn to teach my children, it would be this classic.


  1. Do They Know It's Christmas and O Holy Night make my top ten every year!

  2. "Happy Christmas (war is over)" by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (aka And so this is Christmas;
    "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" sung by Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis; "We Need a Little Christmas" from the musical Mame; and "I Believe in Father Christmas" by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer--these are four that I would add to your list. For pure joy though, watch the video of Dylan doing "Must be Santa."

  3. I don't think I know any of those songs! I'll have to check them out! Oh, wait, I do know O Holy NIght! :)

  4. I love your picks for favorites. Since I now have a 6 year old, there's a new one for me: Must Be Santa. It's especially precious since he learned it along with his class and sung it to the rest of the school in kinder and this year too--complete with hand motions for each part of the song.