January 15, 2010

(Not so) Thrilling Thursday

Liam and I spent three hours of mommy and me time at the urgent care center yesterday.  My daycare provider called me at work and said his lips kept turning blue but he was breathing just fine. (She's a mom of 3 and a former EMT, so I trust her observations)   I called my pediatrician's nurse and left a detailed message.  She never called back so off to urgent care. (MY ER copay is $500--we never go there)

The doctor couldn't find anything wrong. They did an EKG which was very difficult on a wiggly eleven month old! The doctor then consulted with my pediatrician (sure, she got through!)

I have to bring Liam in today and pick up orders for an echocardiogram. Of course, I was not worried until late last night when it all hit me. I'm sure he's fine but there's always that nagging fear. (When I related his history of an Apgar score of 2, the UC doc freaked out even though that was 11 months ago and he's been fine since!)

I didn't have our stroller so Liam sat on my lap the entire time--mostly trying to get down and crawl on the (yikes!) center's floor.  My phone didn't work in the exam room where we waited and waited. I couldn't check on Henry who was still at daycare. I kept us amused as best I could which is why we have this souvenir photo.


  1. That's scary!
    Hope it's nothing serious.

  2. What a tough day! I do hope all is well. Even in a hospital gown Liam is adorable. Please keep us posted!

  3. I took pictures of Jordan when he was in the hospital last year. It's so sad to see them in their hospital gowns but so cute at the same time. Thinking about you guys!