March 20, 2010

First Saturday of Spring

...and we're spending it inside.  Yesterday we played outside until early evening in just our sweaters.  Today it is snowing.  There will probably be three inches on the ground when it stops.  Not bad as far as midwest snows go, but enough to keep us inside for the morning.   I took advantage of a couple of cancellations on our social calendar as well.  We had homemade waffles (no toaster!) and I brewed freshly ground Starbucks coffee.  I relaxed my television rules and Henry relaxed completely with PBS kids on in the background. 
We almost never have a day when we can stay home past 8:30 am.  This was quite a treat and a much needed stress circuit breaker.   Yesterday was the last day I was required to work with a student teacher.  It was not a good experience.  The fact that we both endured for eleven weeks is a testament to our resilence and commitment to students.  That is the only common ground we shared. 

The pre-service teacher was my age with years of substitute teaching under her belt.  However, she did not have the entry level skills required of a classroom teacher.  There is a lot more to teaching than getting the students to like you.   One must be a team member who can work with all the adults in the school.  One must understand the scope and sequence of the curriculum and how to deliver effective instruction of that curriculum.  None of this was evident in the student teacher.  When I gave constructive feedback and specific advice, she bristled.  Or made excuses.  For eleven long weeks.

Since January, I have felt like the captain of a ship which was being steered toward rocks by the first mate.   She was able to jump ship after 11 weeks and now I have to fish the sinking students out of the depths.  I will be handing out the life jackets and towels when I return from spring break.  Hang on, kids!


  1. Woo hoo!!!!!! It's all done!!!!! You survived! This is a much needed break for you! I couldn't believe the snow either, we were out playing on Friday afternoon and then yesterday the snow was crazy! At least it is melting!!!

  2. How frustrating! At least it is done now. Staying home with the kids can be lots of fun. Some weekends, we stay in PJs all day, have fun with toys, art projects and no TV. Yeah! But look forward to the nicer weather! Like you!