May 18, 2010

Making Memories on Twin Tuesday

My new great idea:  I keep this table in the garage and bring it out whenever we need a place to do art.  It's a lightweight wooden piece from IKEA.  Perfect for messy crafts.  A year ago, after the great sofa disaster, I decided that we would be a marker-free home.  Now the boys can be safely creative.  This summer, I plan on using this table for painting and play-doh as well.   It has matching chairs, but I find that these folding yellow ones are easier to stash in the crowded, messy garage.  Henry seems to think they are comfortable and they hold Liam in place fairly well.  If he reaches down to the right or left, however, the entire chair will tip over.  My little guy actually thinks this is funny.  I am trying to prevent such mishaps by standing close to the artists and retrieving their media when it falls.

In other news, I recently started following another mom's blog.  The single mother at  My Little Slice of Mommie Heaven inspired me to start taking family self-portraits.  Here's my first try.  Well, actually 19th try.  Gotta love digital cameras!  My next goal is to snap a picture of Henry and me.  Then (hopefully) all of us at once.   It's not as easy as it looks, but it's important to me that my boys have photos of themselves with mom.  Right now they have very few of these among the hunderds of snapshots in their albums.  I'm always the one behind the camera.  Having mom in the photo adds a whole new dimension to the memories I hope they carry into the future.


  1. Very beautiful smiles. Lovely pic of the kids doing art work. Markers are great at 3 if you are not my daughter. She loves to tatoo herself with them, all over her body...LOL. Great idea to take pics of yourself and the kids together. Otherwise there will be no photo of all of you together.

  2. I hear you about the pictures and always being the one behind the camera... C actually looks at pictures and asks where I am. Self timers on cameras are great. My camera has a 2 second or 10 second timer and a red light blinks on the front of the camera to keep C's attention long enough to get the shot.

  3. Lara - how great to see you! I don't know whose smile I like more, yours or Liams! I think its a great idea - my sisters and I have been doing self shots for years - its fun and creates great memories x

  4. What a great picture! Wow, two in the photo, that adds a whole 'nother level of talent to the mix. Glad I don't have to try that one. Yet.

    The number of "trys" gets shorter as you get better. Or as you care less, because you know you have others on the computer that look decent.

  5. I'm not used to seeing you!!!! What a great picture!!!! Definitely keep it up! Do you have a camera on your computer? Those are fun!

  6. I LOVE this pic of you and Liam!!!
    It just made me smile seeing it.. I have to get a copy.. Because I know when I have
    my sad days of really missing you this would cheer me up..

    I love those boys in those chairs too.. It looks like they are having such fun and being creative too! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing!