June 23, 2010

All About Liam

As my second child, Liam enjoys some advantages.  When I brought him home,  I was prepared for his newborn stage.  I had learned enough from my mistakes two years earlier to be able to nurse him successfully.  He did not enter a quiet house but Liam has always learned quickly from the activity around him. He has twice as many toys as his brother.  But there are some disadvantages as well.  The reality is that he must share (and compete for) his only parent's attention.  All moms know that there are a finite number of minutes in our day.  We simply cannot be all things to all people all the time.  But I do want to be there for this little guy and give him exactly what he needs.  This summer I have vowed to increase the quality time I spend with my youngest son.

Liam is a sweet boy who's always trying to catch up with the rest of the family.  He tries so hard to do all the things his brother does but he has interests and talents of his own, too.  It's taken me a while to get to know him.  I mean really know him.  I've fed him, changed him and kept him safe from harm for sixteen months but only now can I truly appreciate his unique personality.

Most days I feel like I'm just running interference between Liam and his brother; trying to keep them both entertained and manage their separate interests fairly.    Liam is very assertive.  When he sees something he wants, he takes it.  He doesn't care who or what is in his way.  He's a risk taker and always on the move.  Liam wants to play ball and climb things.  Any thing.  A four foot wall, a lawn mower, the dishwasher, three flights of stairs, or  into the bathtub with his pajamas on.  But this tough guy also knows how to turn on the waterworks when he's denied his wish.  A firm "no" (as in NO, you cannot play with that steak knife) will bring on the most heartbreaking crocodile tears.

As seen above, Liam has developed an attachment to a certain blanket.  It's comforting affect is clearly visible.  Recently at naptime, the green coverlet was downstairs, so I tried to replace it with an even softer blanket from his brother's bedroom.  Liam looked up at me with silent incredulity. Then he let out a high-pitched wail until I retrieved his cotton blanket from the kitchen (where it was languishing with Spaghetti-O stains).

My little one enjoys push toys as much as every toddler.  One day he would not let go of our friend's doll stroller.  I would pry one chubby little hand off the pink umbrella handle and the fingers on the other hand would cling oh so tightly to the other side.  I didn't know if it was a case of  "toddler will" or if he actually preferred pushing a baby buggy over a bubblemower or shopping cart.  Fortunately, a few days later, I found a well-loved toy stroller about to be donated to charity.   I traded a few kitchen items for it and hosed it down.  Liam has a great time pushing it up and down the sidewalk as long as the seat is empty.  (He quickly tosses any passengers into the bushes.)

I truly adore this little boy. He is sunshine itself.  This family is so very blessed by our little Liam.


  1. LOVE the cute pic on top!! What a nice title too! Congrads!

  2. I love the new digs...especially the new header!!

  3. I'm liking the new blog.

    Liam sure is a cutie! Lucky mom.