June 7, 2010

First Dental Visit

Toy Story toothbrush

Henry's first visit to the dentist was a huge success.  I was concerned because he typically does not like new experiences.  Nor does he like strangers grooming him.  (I have lost count of the number of places that have asked us to leave when we try to get his hair cut.)

When I made the appointment, I was told that Henry would go into the exam room without me.  This is standard practice since most children actually do better without their parent.  I understood in theory but worried about Henry's reaction.  As it turned out he did just fine.  I had talked a lot about this visit over the previous few days.  He was prepared and sailed right through the exam and cleaning. 
         Tooth Fairy photo in the background

I'm very proud of him.  But yes, there's a part of me that was wistful when I watched him walk away from me through those big glass doors. I wondered what he was thinking and marveled at his bravery.  He's growing up right before my very eyes.  Every parent works hard to ensure that their child will be able to independently navigate through daily life.  Why is it so bittersweet when it finally happens? 

My little boy is a bit more grown today.  His teeth are clean; he has a goody bag from the dentist and another appointment in six months.  Now if I could just get him interested in the big boy potty...
             Video Game Waiting Room


  1. We will have our first appointment this summer. I'm so glad Henry had a good first appointment! These milestones are bittersweet. Just think, you've both made it through another 'first'. :)

  2. How proud you must be to know you prepared Henry well enough that he wasn't afraid at all...kudos! :)

  3. Any tips on how to prepare a toddler for a dental visit? I keep putting it off because I don't want to deal with it, but you made it look so easy.

  4. Wow, that must feel good, to go through a dentist appointment without a glitch. Congratulations Henry! Did you read him a book prior to the appt?

  5. I definitely recommend going with a pediatric dentist the first few times. They "get" kids and have probably seen all temperments. Ours even had a printable coloring book on their website. We used that to help discuss and prepare before the visit.

  6. Awesome!!!!! I can't believe how much they are growing and sooooo fast! Jordan starts summer preschool camp tomorrow morning! We had signed him up for a 3/4 class on T and Th but there were only 2 kids signed up so they asked if they could put him into the 4/5 class on M, W, F. We talked about it so much trying to imagine him with the kids from 9-12 all on his own, eating a lunch, going to the spray park...it's crazy. The other thing that got me was talking to the woman on the phone - she asked for Mrs. Vincent when I answered and then I felt like such an adult talking about my child and the camp. Craziness!!!! :)