July 1, 2010

Bliss and the Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden at the zoo was a big hit!  It's safe to say that it was the highlight of Henry's day.  He could really get up close and observe the insects.  Next time we will visit this exhibit first instead of making it our last stop of the day.

According to the map, the zoo is an hour's drive from our home.  But it's longer when there is construction.  And there's always construction.  Parking, admission and special exhibits, like the butterflies and the petting zoo, bring the cost for one adult and one child to $60.  That doesn't include lunch (we bring ours) and ice cream (we must have it!)  For now, Liam is free (except for the ice cream) but next year the zoo tab will increase dramatically.  Almost every parent I know has purchased the $110 yearly pass.  It pays for itself in two visits.  Yes, but two visits per summer is about all we do.  And even with the pass, members must pay to ride the tram, visit the butterflies, the two children's zoos and ride the carousel.  For now, I'm content with our pay-as-you-go plan.  I heard a rumor that there is a teacher discount membership but cannot locate any information online.  Our public library has zoo passes that can be checked out for one week.  I think that is the way to go next time.

This is not a post about prohibitively-priced children's activities.  It is about the wonderful time my children had in the butterfly garden.  Liam now points to things he notices. Earlier in the day he pointed to the lions and tigers in their habitats.  I love watching Liam see, really see, the fun things around him.
It was difficult to keep Liam on the paved path.  He wanted to climb the rocks, stick his feet in the pond and catch the butterflies with his bare hands.  He did come close to catching one and another landed on his ear!  After twenty times telling Henry not to step in the dirt and plants, I learned it was much more helpful to tell him what he could do.  "Stand on the sidewalk and just pretend you are climbing rocks."  Worked like a charm.

Liam has yet to learn to pose for pictures.  So unless he's strapped in a stroller or highchair, I can't get him to face the camera.  But wait, there's that self-portrait trick another mom shared with me...

Tomorrow is a mommy & me day for Henry.  These were originally planned for him to attend a sports class in the morning without his little brother.  Well, my boy is not interested in sports yet.  He likes insects and nature.  We are going to check out a butterfly garden in a neighboring community.  Admission:  $1;  Drive Time, 15 minutes.   Even if the exhibit isn't fancy or extensive, Henry will enjoy it more than hitting a ball off the top of a stick.  'Cause that's who my boy is.  And I love him for it. 


  1. How wonderful that they take such delight in nature :) Like you say, its absolutely a-ok that Henry isn't athletic as there is so much more to life than just sports. You are doing a great job of encouraging and showing them the beautiful sights this world has to offer :) Loved the photos x

  2. I got to go to the butterfly garden last year.. I loved it too.. I think they have done a wonderful thing having it in a outdoor place.
    That zoo is so wonderful. Those boys are so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy that loves them so much.. Hugs to you all!

  3. I just love that you take your boys for all these outings! very inspiring!

    Love the self portrait too!