July 15, 2010

Quick Updates

  • Spencer and I visited the veterinary neurologist and radiologist.  They found four (4!) broken ribs and a hairline fracture on his shoulder.  This was ten days after the accident and after five (5!) previous x-rays.  They are not recommending amputation for at least six months with hopes that there will be some nerve regeneration.  I know he's eleven and he will never be the same, but I am happy to have him eating and nudging me affectionately these days.

  • Henry used his potty chair twice in one day!  Clearly this is going to be a long, long process.  He continues to sit there for hours, only to wet his pants (or worse) minutes after he gets up from the seat.  Still the fact that he emptied his bladder twice into the frog-shaped bowl makes me hopeful that we are moving in the right direction!  I'm going to get another potty chair to place in his bedroom upstairs.  Although he is plenty big enough to use the regular toilet with a child's seat on top, the configuration makes him anxious.  Right now we need to make this as fun and inviting as possible to build momentum and confidence.


  1. My son was a little over 3 1/2 before he potty trained, so don't sweat it. And we used the froggy potty too! For whatever it's worth, when you think he's really ready, this is how we did it. I picked a weekend to completely stay home. I took off pants and undies and put on a long t shirt. Then I set a kitchen timer to go off every 1/2 an hour. He had to try each time it went off and if he was successful he got an M&M, or a herseys kiss, or whatever. He fought it at first and then got to the point where he would get excited when the timer went off. We did it the entire weekend and he was good to go. I think on Sunday we let him wear undies but kept up the same thing. After that I just checked with him (no timer) every half hour or so. Pooping took a while longer (he did it in his pull up during nap to after he went to bed), but he got that relatively soon too.

    Good luck!!

  2. Yay for the potty! Boo for the ribs! But yay for the eating and nudging!

  3. So good to hear Spencer is doing better. Congratulations on the potty triumph!
    Loved the photos of the beach. My son ate the sand and they could not get enough of the lake water. It is fabulous that you have a lake so near by!