August 13, 2010

State Fair 2010

We had a wonderful time at the Wisconsin State Fair.  I took over 70 photos.  (I get a little carried away with my camera and kids.)  I even made an online photo book which I'm having bound and printed as a souvenir of our fun day.
I really think we could spend two days at the fair considering all the food there is to try.  Instead we packed everything into one long, hot day.  But what a day it was!  I'm glad I brought the double stroller.  Henry does just fine walking about--he never wanders off, but this place was huge!  I remember attending the fair almost every summer when I was growing up.  It is a lot more fun seeing (and tasting) it through my children's experience.

The rabbit and poultry barn was Henry's favorite last year.  Unfortunately most of the cages were empty on Tuesday.  Apparently the junior division had been judged over the weekend and the open division was arriving on Thurday.  There were a few (beautiful!) chickens for the boys to see and Liam went crazy over the baby chick display.  He kept squealing with delight.  At one point I told Henry he needed quiet down only to realize it was his little brother who was shattering our eardrums!

Smack in the middle of the fairgrounds is a natural resources park.  It's huge, green and educational.  You wander the paths looking at the gardens and learning from the guides who are stationed every few hundred feet.  Henry was given a plastic magnifying glass and used it to investigate EVERYTHING from that point on.
But when all is said and done, it's about the cream puffs.  This was Wisconsin after all.  We were even greeted with four flavors of milk at the front gate.  I recommend the cherry vanilla.


  1. You guys couldn't have had more fun! Great pictures.

  2. Looks like a great day! Awesome photos!

  3. You are definitely giving your boys a brilliant (and educational) summer :) I love the interest they seemed to have taken in everything. x