September 13, 2010


I know, I know.  I promised to write a post that wasn't just a virtual page from our family scrapbook.  One that described what it's really like to be a family of three these days now that I've returned to work full time.  But I'm too tired to think that hard.  Often, I compose a heartfelt, honest blog post in my head when I'm no where near a computer.  They're great.  Really.  I wish you could read them.

We picked a beautiful day to visit a farm about 45 minutes north of our home.  The weather was beautiful.  Many families came out to enjoy the fall activities but it wasn't uncomfortably crowded the way some of these weekends can be.    Even with perfect conditions, the boys were a bit grumpy until I put them in the giant corn bin. Then they played for an hour!

Liam  loved looking at the ponies. This is the second weekend in a row that he was just mesmerized by seeing these little horses. He stood in one spot, sometimes pointing but mostly just staring at their gentle faces which were practically at his eye level. 
The boys spent a lot of time in the petting zoo.  Grandpa said that all three of them were afraid of the llama.  I knew I should have spent the extra $3 and gone in with them.  Llamas don't scare me.

Well, the boys are crying in their beds.  I woke up with a bad, bad cold more exhausted than I was last Friday.  The coffee is not made and I'm late for work.  I promise I'll write about reality of being a working mom to two children under 4 soon as I get the house cleaned, groceries bought, laundry washed, dried, folded, bills paid and the dogs fed.

Liam.  Trying to figure out how to work the goat gate.


  1. Great pictures. Looks like a great day. And I know exactly what you mean about writing versus family scrapbooking. I've been feeling exactly that same way lately. But with sleep deprivation and chasing a toddler and trying to maintain a relatively clean household while 8 months pregnant, I'm lucky I can form a sentence let alone a cohesive paragraph.

  2. I love reading about your great days because the give me hope that it's not always going to be a struggle & that the stuggles are worth it for these precious moments. So please keep sharing the good & the bad!

  3. Looks like you all had a nice time at the Farm. Just remember for all the bad days there are good days to balance them.

  4. House cleaning is never done, but the years when they are little are (as you often say) few and precious. I think you are to be admired for making the choice to enjoy them. My S.O. Jerry's wife left him with the two boys when they were in first and second grade. He could have made good money with his skills, but the boys would have been with sitters. He chose to do mechanic work at home. His boys have grown up to be good men, and he taught them how to do lots of useful work. They are never embarrassed to say "I love you" to their dad.

  5. I love the photos you take of the boys :)

    I wish I leaved nearer so I could help out when you aren't feeling well, or just need some down time. Hope you are feeling better x

  6. Looks like great fun! In my head thinking were there cows??? You are such a great mom! I hope that cold goes away real fast... Big hugs!

  7. Your boys are beautiful!!! Two little boys, what fun! And I can totally relate to the cold...we're digging out from that over here, too.
    I need to email you...about raising two little ones on a teacher's salary. :) I am SOO glad to see that you're making it work! I'm excited that we seem to have so much in common!