October 9, 2010

What I'm Laughing at Now

George Foreman Toy Grill

From the catalog description: 
It sizzles and drips....watch as "grease" trickles into the drip pan below.  Role play cooking just got healthier!  Requires 3 AA batteries.

Well, I guess if you were looking for a gift idea for the child who has everything this might be an option.  Around here, though,  I tend to avoid toys that mimic fat pouring from pork products.


  1. Funny... sometimes how they market toys makes me shake my head.
    Cory wants this one toy in the worst way but I know it will not meet his expectations if he gets it.. JO JO the Bunny?? its supposed to play hide and seek with the kids. Ummmm I tried to explain Jo Jo isn't hoping up any steps to find you and almost every room in our house has at least one step.

  2. "toys that mimic fat pouring from pork products" Ahahahahahaha

    Just made my day!