November 5, 2010

What I'm Laughing at Now

Remember when the purchase of every piece of baby gear was a big decision? 
  • Does my little one need this? 
  • How long will my little one use this? 
  • Can I afford to buy this for my little one? 
  • Where will I put it when my little one isn't using it? 
Most importantly and the impetus for much research both online and in depth questioning of other moms:
  • Is it safe for my little one?
Here's an item that polarizes moms around the block and around the world:  baby walkers.  Never put a baby in those contraptions.  These are great; we used ours all the time and now Johnny is a star on the track team.  Your baby will fall down the stairs.  Your baby will entertain himself for hours.  Your baby's legs will grow sideways from his ears.  You need one of these to teach your seven month how to walk properly.  There's been a massive recall.  French mommies use them and they don't get fat.  The debate is endless.  By the time you decide, your infant is walking into his preschool classroom and hanging up his own coat.

Let's settle this right here and now.  Future mommies will thank us for this definitive answer.  They can then move on to the which should I feed first, fruits or veggies? debate.  (We all know that they'll be discussing that one until the child eats his first Happy Meal.)  Scroll down for visual proof--but didn't we all know this instinctively?  These walkers lead to trouble.


  1. I'm a product of the Baby Walker Generation & I've lived to tell the tale...though my legs do grow sideways from my ears, lol!

    The Exersaucer seems like a nice compromise...similar idea minus the wheels...but all sorts of toys deemed safe, seem to me to be riddled with who knows...

  2. I laughed out loud when I read this! It is so funny to hear the debates on how a parent should be a parent, what to use and what not to use and so on. It really cracks me up.
    I saw you on MomBlogs and I am a new follower :)

    Oh and my munchkin did just fine in her walker, except when she learned how to ram it in to my legs on purpose!

  3. that was hilarious! I do remember having that conversation with my uncle who is a paediatrician. Now, I really have passed it. No worries on toys or things in their mouth, because I simply know what they will and won't do. Now it is about feeding kids other things than carbs.....and the worries continue...LOL