December 1, 2010

Things No One Can Tell You (or the opposite of those email survey thing-ys)

Even though I never thought it would be possible for me to have one child, when I did it became important for me to have another.  I am ever grateful that my sons can be witnesses to each other's lives.  As an only child, there are many bits and pieces of trivia that no one knows about me.  I imagine if I had a sibling, she would be able to tell you what no one else can:
  • The name of the boy who broke my heart when I was a freshman in high school
  • The color of my prom dress.
  • My favorite Christmas carol.
  • The name of the high school friend who shared a locker with me four tumultuous years.
  • My first real career inspiration (I was in seventh grade).
  • My first major in college
  • The MOST disappointing holiday gift I received as a child.
  • My all-time favorite teacher (any one of three names would be correct).
For now, I am perfectly content that Henry knows my favorite color.  I hope that one day soon he and Liam will share many special facts about their childhood.  For example,
  • The first time an item belonging to their mother was broken and the pieces hidden under the couch.
  • The time the unwrapped Christmas gifts were discovered before Thanksgiving.
  • The time they stacked stepstools one on top of the other (like a circus act) in order to reach the Halloween candy.
  • The time one covered for the other by answering his brother's cell phone.
I may never know the answers to these questions--they'll keep each other's secrets and that's the whole point.


  1. Aw, that is so sweet...just hope they have better memories than my brother, he doesn't remember anything about our childhood until I remind him, lol :)

  2. Oooohhhh, this doesn't help my "do I or don't I" wafflings at all .......

    I don't have a sibling, so there isn't one person in the world that knows all the things about it. Everyone has a little piece. I think I like it better that way.

  3. The absolutely greatest thing they will bring to each other's lives is that they will be able to talk to each other about how crazy their mother is when they are older. :) Although, they're boys, and boys just grunt at each other, so maybe not. :)

  4. I struggle to realize that each year, my brothers don't remember my birthday, but I guess it is a guy's thing. Who knows.... I never had a sister, so that is perhaps the reason. I, like you, thought of a sibling when I had my daughter, to keep each other company. And that is the reason.