February 26, 2011

Have you read Jen Singer?

I've just discovered her books and website, Momma Said.  She is a much needed dose of reality, virtual support, and comic relief.  Almost everything I've read in Stop Second Guessing Yourself:  The Toddler Years applies to my relationship with Liam right now.  For instance,
(S)he Loves You, (S)he Loves You Not     Some days, your toddler has more mood swings than Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest...At least it can feel that way.  The terrible truth is that the Terrible Twos start early and last a long, long time.  What can you do when your toddler adores you one minute and abhors you the next?  p. 144
Several reviewers have compared the author to a neighbor with whom you chat over the back fence as you both go through your mommy day.  If Jen Singer was my neighbor, I'd never get any work done and my kids would be wearing last week's socks.  She is just that much fun.   I have ordered Jen's You're a Good Mom and am looking forward to reading it in all my spare time.  Like when the boys go off to college.

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