March 8, 2011

Plus, it absorbed all those pesky cooking odors

If you think the boys look happy in this photo, you should have heard them squealing with delight.  Who can get upset about that?     A few other photos of the experiential learning happening around here:
Who turned out the lights?
My brother did it.

It takes a lot of work to find the right bedtime story

Water play:  What sinks?  What floats?  What clogs the drain?

If home is a child's first school, why don't we have a custodian who comes in late and cleans up at night?  Oh, wait that's me...


  1. Oh - I love that your house looks like mine after Rhian gets through with it. Although most nights I'm too tired to be custodian... I just close my eyes and go to bed.

  2. Awesome! Sam just spent an afternoon mixing pretzels and bananas and play-doh and milk and orange juice. He said he was making a sponge, and to be honest, it kind of smelled like one of those old sponges that you forget about under the sink. I love it when he just makes messes like that. My little chemist.

  3. I love kids exploring but it is tiresome when whatever you clean becomes a mess in two seconds! It's hard to learn to relax about it but it's worth it to see them having so much fun! :)

  4. You always come up with such great ideas :) I love the photos of your boys - they always look so happy. Messes are a pain but sometimes you just have to make a mess to have real fun xo

  5. I love the joy in the pics, and that you "let" them do it. You are awesome.