July 10, 2011

Done with Diaper.....

....bags.   At not quite 2 1/2, Liam is still confused about the elimination process.  He asks to sit on the potty chair but immediately stands up and says he is done.  Unlike Henry, Liam knows when he is urinating but inaccurately announces "I'm pooping" during the process.  Henry was late to underpants and I do not have higher expectations for Liam.  He has great role models and he will train when his body is ready.  Still the end is near and it's time for me to move from a diaper bag to a mommy bag. 

This isn't the most stimulating post and if you want to quit reading now, just scroll to the end and view the photo.  I was inspired to make this transition, a somewhat bittersweet one, by other mommy bloggers.   Christine Coppa's post and the corresponding comments assured me that I'm not alone.

I always admired women who could carry a tiny purse.  I was never one of them and as a mom, I can't even attempt the feat for at least another five years.  For outings that last more than a couple of hours, I carry a practical Jansport backpack or the trusty, IKEA book bag that I've used as a diaper bag since Henry was an infant.  But this summer, as we take quick trips to the store or library, I've found myself in a Goldilocks predicament.  This purse is too small to carry Henry's change of underwear and shorts;   that one has 42 pockets, weighs a ton and we're only going to McDonald's for heaven's sake. 

I needed to find a mommy bag that would hold one diaper, some wipes, a bag of cookies, a change of shorts for Henry and at least two matchbox cars.  Pockets for crayons would be a bonus.  Oh, it needs to hold my wallet, keys and cell phone.  Small bottle of Advil optional.  I love the designer bags that are roomy enough to do the job.  But I couldn't find one under $50.  I searched my favorite stores while shoving keys, coupons and pocket size kleenex in a very cute but minuscule beaded purse.  With each excursion I prayed that neither boy would spring a leak.  (Of course I keep shorts, diapers, swim trunks, socks and wipes in the trunk of my car--but who wants to get out of line at Target and trek through the parking lot just to head back to the family restroom?)

My search continued until today.  I found my mommy bag on clearance for $14.98.  To be perfectly honest that was the top of my price range.  (I'm not cheap; I just don't spend money on myself.  I seem to always need it for tuition, food or electricity.)  Tomorrow is our maiden voyage--my first outing with the bag.  While Henry attends science class, his brother and I will wile away the hour digging through my not a purse, not a diaper bag  bag looking for ways to entertain ourselves.  So far I've packed two issues of Baby Bug, three matchbox cars, eight crayons and a Pez dispenser.


  1. Super cute find! I feel like having a normal purse will never happen again! I know my back gets out of alignment from carrying the beast that is my purse/diaper bag! I'm excited for your transition! :)

  2. I totally agree with you! This is a BIG deal! Congrats on the transition!

  3. Very nice bag, congrats on the transition. The price was right too!

  4. yay! good job mama! I have one very similar to this but in brown, love it!

  5. It's a lovely bag! I've been Reading all ur posts but comments have been really tricky for me for those who use word verification! I'm wondering if it's something to do with my being at work when I try to leave a comment! Anyway, even if I'm not commenting im here! Hope you are having a lovely summer xoxo