August 18, 2011

Yes, It's Time: Back to School

for me, at least.  Monday is the big day.  The return to being a working mom.  A return to the classroom and "office" politics.  I'm ready and I'm not.  I've been preparing Henry for the transition.  Sometimes he barely seems to listen and at other times he tears up.  Neither reaction does much for my spirits.  I'll miss being home with both my boys.  I'll miss the parks, the lunches and the Dino Dan marathons.

Here is the countdown calendar I made for Henry this week.

Each morning he lifted a flap and discovered a fun activity for the day.  Monday was the first session of his four day cooking class.  He loved it, of course!
While I am rushing to get things ready for my back to school season, Henry has a couple of weeks before the start of preKindergarten.  He'll be attending three mornings per week at our church.  We packed his backpack and read stories about kids and characters going to school.  His teacher sent him a postcard.  He's going to have a great time. 

Speaking of teachers and teaching, I'm ready for a change.  We'll see what this year brings.  No doubt it will be a very busy one.  I've taken on an additional grant project requiring 150 extra hours of work this school year.*  It's work that I can't do while giving the boys a bath or making macaroni and cheese, so I need to find someone to watch them at least one evening per week.  Three hours of babysitting will go a long way to making this project a success and thus add to my job options and security.  Still I'm feeling very guilty about spending even more time away from my sons.

I'm grateful for the long, fun summer and for being right here watching my sons grow and change these past months.  I'll miss our lazy mornings, playing trains and walks through the park.  I'll miss our library visits, picking tomatoes in the garden and trips to Culvers.  Henry and Liam, thank you for the many, many special times this summer!

*When it was first presented to me, I turned down the project citing my commitment to my young family. As its once-in-a-career nature was repeated to me, I reluctantly agreed to sign on.


  1. Wow - this summer has just flown by...

    Your countdown calendar is a great idea - not only the calendar, but the fun activities too! I hope this eases the transition back to school for everyone.

    And good luck on your new project. Like you said, the investment will open up more opportunities for you. (maybe opportunities to spend a lot more time with your boys!)

  2. Lara!! You have such amazing crafty ideas!! You need to start a blog just dedicated to festive and fun activities for moms (and dads) and their kiddos!! With all your free time of course!!

    Enjoy these last few days with the boys. I, on the other hand, and beyond thrilled that school has already started here for the private sect and will start in full force on Monday for the public sect. This has been a crazy summer at work...I'm ready for a little break!!!

  3. We just went to Kindergarten orientation last night!! I hope school goes well... for all of us! :) Love your idea of the day countdown!!!

  4. What a great idea the countdown calendar is! You have the most amazing ideas...enjoy you last few days as a SAHM

  5. I'm happy you had such a great summer with your boys. And 3 hours a week is more than OK - especially if it gets you closer to where you want to be in your career. Henry and Liam are lucky to have a mama with long term goals and plans. Love the countdown!!!