September 18, 2011

Monday Morning Here We Come!

The latest method to the morning madness around here is to pack everyone's bags the night before.  While Liam just has one, Henry and I have multiple totes to take us through the day.  Lunches, school field trips, show and tell, daycare, naptime and after school activities--if we're going to need it, it better be here.  

Everything is accounted for (one can only hope) and we're ready for Monday.  Below is a backpack I'd love to get for Liam.  I think it would be absolutely adorable on him.  I'm pretty sure this has room for all his Hot Wheels and special blanket.   It's from Madpax which I think is an unfortunate name for a company but I'm still going to add their Half Pack to my wishlist.  I'm not sure I can find my wishlist though--it's probably under one of the bags in the hallway.



  1. Love that pack!

    And I totally get the routine of preparing the night before. Makes a world of difference in the morning!

  2. Love that backpack. Fortunately for me Sam is still young enough that he's satisfied with his plain backpack. And I know the pack-the-night-before routine. We have it in our house too. And on the days when I'm just too tired to do it, I pay for it the next morning.

    BTW - At this point in my life when my entire life and all my space is consumed by small beings, MY wishlist contains wishes for me... like some new clothes which I haven't bought since before I got pregnant with Sam. :)

  3. That backpack is SO cool! That would make a good trick-or-treat bag --- maybe he could be a dinosaur :-)