October 5, 2011

Fall Feels Like Family

Once again I am choosing to post photos rather than write an actual post that would have any sort of weight or interest to it.  I'm too tired and there are too many things bouncing around my brain--why does Henry's preschool director want me to give her a call?  Just how overdue is that stack of bills on the table?  How will I fit in all those student progress phone calls tomorrow when I have to teach and attend an (angry) parent conference?  Will Henry ever get back in the routine of falling asleep before 8:30?  Will Liam go back to sleeping until 7 AM or am I doomed to always get ready for work with a toddler underfoot?  Should I have called that expensive private school for registration information?  Will this enormous project I have voluntarily taken on at work crush me like gnat if I take a few days' break?  When should I call to cancel Henry's swim lessons so that my credit card is only debited once more instead of twice? (Why is their policy so confusing?)  Is that laundry going to fold itself?

Forget it.  I'm just going to look at our Fall photos.  The weekends have just sped but we managed to fit in all the family fun I had planned.  Two of our favorite family destinations are just 45 minutes (in opposite directions) from our home.  If and when we move, it will be a much longer drive but I imagine we will still travel to "our" orchard and pumpkin farm.   I finally feel like I've figured out those twisty rural roads.  Now if I could just figure out what to do about the laundry.

playing in the giant corn box--our annual tradition


  1. Sounds much like life here at our place. A lot of the same questions. And the same activities. I'm hoping that once the transition of fall is over Sam will start actually going to sleep when he's supposed to again, and many of those questions spinning in MY brain will answer themselves. God, I hope so. The good news is that we're so busy that time is flying by. Or is that bad news?! :) Glad to see you're finding time to stop and smell the roses. Great pics.

  2. What wonderful pictures! This looks like SO much fun. Stade's? We have't made week end plans yet. Carter would love this.
    BTW - Henry's teacher probably has kudos for him :-)

  3. I love fall! Glad you're making time to enjoy it despite everything whirling in your head...& regarding the laundry, I heard that wrinkles are the fashion this season...then again, that might have been the voices in my head, lol ;)

  4. If you figure out the laundry thing, let me know!

    Love the pics. Love that you guys were able to fit it all in. Love that I'm not the only one asking all those same questions. :)

  5. I love the pictures, looks like they're having so much fun!

  6. How far apart in age are your boys? I'm starting to consider T42. I want mine close in age so we can get out and do family things together. Your pictures are great.