January 9, 2012

And the Jury's Out On Mondays, Too

Well, I eventually did unlock the door and step out of the bathroom.  The weekend wasn't too bad, just a lot of running around and making sure the boys saw each of their grandparents.  I went to bed on Sunday expecting that this week would be the one where I got organized, on track and on budget.  Well, it's nice to dream but Mondays are all about reality:

6:45 am  Receive call that in-home daycare is closed due to illness

6:50 am  Email several contacts at work to arrange for full day absence

7:30 am  Get boys dressed, fed and ready to leave for the dentist

8:30 am  Two boys in dental chairs, no waiting

8:35 am  Work calls my cell phone

8:50 am  Make good use of time in dental reception area-- complete ridiculously expensive private school application

9:10 am  Follow-up appointments made while boys squeal with delight at the funhouse mirror.  Every dental office should have one of those.

9:15 am   Drive to preschool; Work calls my cell phone

9:30 am   Drop off boys at the best school ever--boy, I'm Henry's going to miss this place

9:45 am   Run into Target to look for clearance tagged sweater; no luck

10:20 am  Tour more affordable private school; not terribly impressed.

11:00 am  Head to another Target store; find sweater and $40 worth of additional items I didn't know I needed

11:35 am  Pick up party rental brochure from park district.  February is just around the corner.

12:00 pm  Pick up boys at preschool; have I mentioned how much I love it here?

12:15 pm  Order lunch at the hot dog place everyone raves about; not terribly impressed.

1:00 pm   Home for naps

1:03 pm   Work calls my cell phone

1:20 pm   Go online to research more kindergartens even though I've already spent months doing this

2:00 pm   Create elaborate spreadsheet to compare specific school features

3:00  pm  Cross several schools off list; continue to scour the web.

3:30 pm   Find the perfect, affordable kindergarten for H--a first grade classroom two towns over

3:40  pm  Decide my first choice was best after all.  Wonder how one takes out a 2nd mortgage. 

4:00  pm   Realize that I'm back where I started.  Log off and play Legos.

4:35 pm   Watch Arthur and Wild Kratts because I'm just that tired.

5:10 pm   Feed two dogs and two children.  Meatloaf, Macaroni Cheese and M&Ms  (maybe I'll teach kindergarten next year).  Forget to serve vegetables.

5:20 pm   Wonder if I should go back online; I could have missed something

5:21 pm  Realize that I can't possible think about kindergarten anymore tonight.

5:22 pm  Liam complains that his neck hurts.  Worry that he has Meningitis.  Go back online after all.

5:39 pm   Liam fine.  Think about locking myself in the bathroom anyway.


  1. This post is wonderful as it helps me to get the sort of information that i needed. I am thankful as i got your post when was searching grants for single mothers

  2. love the timeline. I'd be afraid to outline my day, some one would see how crazy I am! Glad Liam is fine. Make sure to stash that bottle of wine in the bathroom.

  3. Ugh. I so remember those obnoxious Kindergarten researching days. I feel for you. SO hard to know what is the best decision for your kids... Just go with your gut. Oh, and get that second mortgage if your decision turns out anything like mine...

    I feel your day too. If I could find the time to post my day it would look very similar. Unfortunately I don't even make that time... :)

  4. You are such a great mom. Super mom! H and L are so blessed to have you as their mom. Whatever you choose for H's K will be the right choice :) And I can't count the number of times I turned on the computer to check and see if B has meningitis because he said his back and/or neck hurt!

  5. I guess in Ontario we take for granted that public education is really good - especially when I am teaching in the public education sector. For now my big expense is the terribly expensive daycare and luckily I only need to pay for that for 2 1/2 years (for this baby at least) b/c she starts kindergarten at age 3. Loved your post.

  6. That sounds like a pretty productive day! Not all that restful tho...take care.