May 11, 2012

A Child's First Banned Book (or Classics We Share)

In honor of the late Maurice Sendak, childhood memories and banned books, I ordered this today.  I'm certain the naked toddler illustrations will not offend my children, though I understand why some teachers feel the need to add felt shorts to the drawings before reading it to their students. 

I also bought Chicken Soup with Rice by Sendak.  It is still published with the same cover art that I enjoyed as a kindergartner.  I can't wait to share both these bedtime books with Henry and Liam.  They've already enjoyed this, a book I remember well from my childhood:

Now if I could just find that book about the ice cream shop that falls out of favor with the neighborhood children.  Talk about obscure!  Well, not to worry--thanks to Amazon, our shelves are well-stocked for the foreseeable future.


  1. I had that same Grover book & remember being giddy with anticipation reading it!

  2. I love learning about new titles from you!

  3. Chicken Soup with Rice is so much fun. When I did a Kindergarten placement we did one poem each month and the kids loved reading them. It's weird how I didn't even know he died. Listening to Sirius radio this morning Kids Place Live was doing a Maurice Sendak day which I tought was weird, and then I realized it was no coincidence that you posted about him. Thanks for reminding us of his books!

  4. I love In the Night Kitchen since I was a child. It was one of my favorite bedtime stories and I remember my dad reading it to me. I am looking forward to sharing it with Foxie.