June 21, 2012

Ready for the Road!

Not.  I mean, who is ever ready to drive 9 hours with two preschoolers in the backseat?  On Sunday I made a day list of of all the things I need to do to get the car, the boys, the dogs, and the house ready.  Of course the dogs and house are staying but they are almost as much work as packing up the rest of us.  I divided my list into five squares, Monday through Friday, and so far I'm right on track!

I've made reservations, packing checklists, toy bags for the car (twelve!) and an itinerary.  I'm as ready as I'll ever be to begin this mini adventure.  By the way, a friend just returned from a trip to Germany with her toddler.  Nothing mini about that adventure!  If she can handle a European vacation as an SMC, then I can certainly handle a car trip through the Midwest.

Activities for the first leg of our trip. 
Today I went to the grocery store and purchased a bunch of snacks.  Mostly healthy ones, but all kid-friendly and appealing.  Tomorrow we'll go to the library to pick out some music cds and several audio books.  I wish I could find some longer children's books on cd.  I'm not sure what stories, besides picture books, would keep my boys interest.  They're not quite ready for chapter books like those by Beverly Cleary but they are getting close.

I need to remember that not only am I packing the car with activities, entertainment and food for the nine hour drive to our friends' home but I must also "save" some things for the return trip.  Some toys, books and cds will stay in a box in the trunk until we start back for home in a week's time.  That way there will be some novelty to that part of the journey

I'll probably forget a key item or two but then I'm pretty sure they have stores where I'm going.  Maybe it doesn't count as an real adventure if you can stop at a Target and get more supplies.  Then again, traveling with a 3 and 5 year old anywhere, including our local store, is always quite the trip.


  1. Good luck...Looking forward to hearing your stories.

  2. I wish you luck and hope that it goes better than expected. Once you arrive at your destination, have a brilliant time!

  3. I agree, travelling with 2 preschoolers is an adventure with or without Target!! & as my Gramma use to say, "If we forgot anything, we'll just buy it, dear" Hope you have an awesome trip. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. It is going to be a great adventure! I've found that if I focus too much on the getting there part and not on the ride itself, I get irritated with my children. SO take lots of deep breaths and see the world the way they do... as a great adventure. We play lots of searching and looking games. Or we each pick a color and we count how many semis of that color go past us from the other direction. Everything is a game. And yes, lots and lots of snacks. And it's okay to just turn up the radio really loud when they're bickering with each other. You'll get there and they'll look back fondly on this adventure... even if you're completely exhausted. Drive safely and have fun!

  5. What fun you're going to have! I'm glad you're getting away to see friends, and enjoy some summer vacation. Have a safe trip, can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. You know, I read that line about your friend who took her toddler to Germany, and for 2 seconds I wondered who was that crazy. Seriously. What is wrong with me? I must still be jet lagged :) And also, I'm so glad you consider me a friend, as I do you :)

    Anyway, enough about me!! I hope you have a fantastic time. And though I know you will need a vacation from your vacation when you return, 2 weeks later when you look at the pictures and remember your sweet boys' absolute joy (because there will be many, many moments, minutes and hours of joy for them and you as well!) you will sit back and be so thankful you went.

    Enjoy your old friends!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  7. Good luck :-) and have a nice trip!!