August 17, 2012

Kindergarten is Five Days Away...

...and I'm crying already.  We dropped off two bags of supplies today during Meet the Teacher Morning.  This was the first time I've met the kindergarten teacher.  She was absent the day I toured the school with the principal.  I really had a good feeling about the school, the classroom and the principal, so the fact that the teacher wasn't there didn't bother me too much.  However, the principal abruptly retired early this summer.  Now I feel a bit adrift and am second-guessing my decision to send Henry to full day kindergarten at a parochial school.  Maybe I should have sent him to the neighborhood public school; maybe he would have been better off.  I don't know.

Upon meeting the teacher today, I did not get a warm and fuzzy feeling.  First impressions are often misleading, so I'm trying to keep my anxiety in check.  Henry liked the room well enough.  Many of of his favorite toys and activities were on display.  I liked that too.  Everything seemed very age appropriate.  I did count 21 nameplates on two small rectangular tables.  I'm not sure I like that.  When I toured, the principal said that they kept the class to 15 or 16 students.  There is an assistant teacher in the room all day, so the ratio is not too bad. The table set-up just seemed cramped.

finding fun stuff
And really, it's just the non-warm, non-fuzzy thing that's bothering me.  I guess I wanted my child's kindergarten teacher to be just like Nina from Sprout's evening show.  That's not too much to ask for, is it?  It makes me wonder how many parents have met me on Back to School night and gone home wishing their child had a different teacher.  I want my students' parents to give me the benefit of the doubt, so I better start practicing what I preach. 

It's just that he's my baby boy and I'm going to be leaving him in a strange place with strangers everyday for almost nine hours.  He has to bring two snacks, a lunch, wear a uniform, take PE and find the bathroom down the hall.  All by himself.  Oh, here come the tears again...

five years and a lifetime ago


  1. Where does the time go?

    I hope the teacher ends up being wonderful and he loves kindergarten!

  2. Our countdown is 3 days :-0
    I still remember the butterflies when we took Clayton to kindergarten 17 years ago!

  3. Since I returned to teaching in January, I find that I am more compassionate than I ever was (and I think I always was). I suddenly see every child with a parent as their extension. I'm sure parents leave your class feeling relieved to have such a warm teacher spending the days with their child. My only complaint is, why am I paying people to look after my child so I can get paid? Someone should just pay me to look after my own child.

  4. 5 days!!! I can't even find words to say anything. I'm sending lots of love and hugs your way as you and Henry both embark on this new chapter in his life.

  5. I hope things get warmer and fuzzier! I remember Eliza's first day of Kindergarten well. I called my cousin after dropping Eliza off and she asked how it went and all I could reply was "I just left my child with complete strangers" and started bawling. Keep us posted!

  6. I don't blame you for the tears! & that initial warm & fuzzy is so important...even tho I'm sure she's a great teacher, getting that initial warm & fuzzy would have at least put your mind a little at ease.

  7. I hope he has a great year, and that the teacher turns to be a very warm and caring person!