March 24, 2014

Science Saturday

When it comes to world class museums, my boys are slightly less than impressed.  Except for the robots.  Robots are cool.  Robots that serve snacks are awesome!

Making connections
We had a fun (and expensive) day at the Museum of Science & Industry.  I'm not sure if we will venture out much more on our spring "break".  It's great that both the boys' and my school schedules match; however, Henry has come down with a virus and my checking account is empty.  It's ironic that after paying a year's tuition there's nothing left over to enjoy school break.  (And with private swim lessons paid for we can't afford a beach trip this summer.)  Oh well, I can't really complain.  I've just spent Monday morning building block structures with the best little scientists ever. That's priceless.
It's all about balance

Forces & Motion (little boy style)

Back home but still very busy

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