May 27, 2014

Three Days to Remember

We had a wonderful three day weekend---I think it was more fun than spring break this year.  I took the boys to the zoo, a birthday party and then, the icing on the cake?  A stay home day on Monday.  Their favorite!  Full disclosure, we did venture out to the dollar store.  Truly a great place because I can say "yes" to a lot of purchases --unlike Target or the mall.

The school year is winding down.  I've truly enjoyed teaching seventh graders this year, although the past week has been a bit bumpy.  I haven't had behavior issues all year and yet in the past five days I've seen much disrespect (and worse!).  I feel like the finish line was in sight and then it all fell apart--management wise.  I wasn't really prepared for it and had let my guard down because the students had been exemplary up until now.  Well, at least on most days.  No one is perfect--especially during transitions and it helps to remember 
I hope that my teaching spirit is renewed over the summer and that I can come back and greet my new students with energy and optimism.

In other news, I plan to read as many books as I can this summer.  Most will be anthologies or light mysteries (a la Janet Evanovich).  I need to be practical and make sure my literary choices can stand frequent interruptions.  And with two boys underfoot all summer, I do mean frequent.  Sometimes it takes 15 minutes to finish a paragraph.  I'm currently reading the much lauded All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior.  I recommend it both for its content and its ability to stand up to being put down.

Speaking of no fun, I have to go turn off the lights upstairs for the fifth time tonight.  I'm not sure bunkbeds/shared bedroom was the way to go...


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend, love the pics again as usual. I'm really pleased to hear that you had such a lovely year teaching, I know recent years have been a bit rough. Hopefully everyone will be a bit calmer this week. xo

  2. I am trying to get myself back into reading. It's one of the luxuries I miss most. Here's to a wonderful summer!

  3. Love the matching Batman shirts!! There is something wonderful about a day lunging around the house, isn't it? I am ald you guys had a good long weekend!

  4. Am reading two good books now. "What Alice Forgot" and book 2 of the divergent trilogy. No matter how tired or overworked I am, I always try to read something before bed so I can have some me time. Enjoy your summer!

  5. I love that picture of the boys and the giraffes! I am so behind on reading. I need to make that a priority in my life.