November 25, 2014

November days like these

make me to worry that it's going to be a very long winter around here.

Despite what the media says, we are nowhere near Christmas break (the traditional midpoint of the school year) and yikes!   We've had snow storms and sickness, already.  Liam had his third cold/fever since kindergarten started in August.  Luckily it did not settle in his ears and antibiotics weren't necessary.  Unfortunately, Henry also came down with it.  His fever lasted days longer and he is still complaining of a headache.  I missed so much work and have fallen behind, so very far behind in just about everything.

Tomorrow, the boys have 1/2 day of school.  I planned to rush home after dropping them off and spend two hours wrapping as many of their Christmas presents as possible before going to collect them.  I can't risk wrapping presents after they go to bed.  Although I tuck them in before 8, they have been known to creep down the stairs multiple times.  If I wait until I'm sure they are completely asleep before I start wrapping, it will be near my bedtime!  I need to get these toys wrapped now so I can take an inventory of what I've purchased for each.  All summer and fall, I simply bought things here and there as I happened upon a good deal when I was alone in a store (a rare occurrence indeed). Other times I added something from my Amazon wishlist to my cart in order to qualify for free shipping on that parenting your tantrumming tyke book I just had to have.  Now I have a bag full of gifts hidden and I have no idea if I've purchased equal amounts or who is lacking what.

So tomorrow morning would be ideal to start getting organized for Santa.  But it would also be a great chance to catch up at work.  I could spend three uninterrupted hours in my classroom.  Heaven.  I imagine that afterwards, I'd feel like a professional again.

There are also about ten thousand things I need to do around the house:  make that advent calendar that I promised would be ready by Sunday, preserve Liam's art work (two meaningful pieces that will yellow if I don't get to them soon), make that table grace cube that I said would be ready for (yikes!) Thursday, cook up all that wilting produce in the fridge so it doesn't go to waste (again), get in the garage and stage all the boxes of tree decorations so they are in a helpful order for the boys and Grandpa on Friday, upload and print Henry's Flat Stanley photos for his project due next week, remember the photography appointment on Sunday and find coordinating shirts...the list doesn't end.  Really, it doesn't.

I suppose I'll tackle each project as I can and hope for the best.  I also have several outings planned for the boys over the long weekend (movie, museums, etc).  I'm looking forward to those because I can't multitask during those activities.  Well, unless you count those Flat Stanley photos...


  1. Have a happy Thanksgiving!! You have a lot on your plate but beyond Santa and work, it sounds like it might be ok to let it all slip a little. Will their Thanksgiving be ruined without the cube? No because you will all be together!

    Now if I could only take my own advise! :)

  2. I am super impressed and jealous of your Christmas gift preparations. I have yet to buy a single gift. Just didn't happen with the move, and I've had an Amazon cart full for a few weeks but haven't yet gotten to ordering so they'll be delivered on a day I am home but the girls are not. I remember catching my single mom up wrapping on Christmas eve multiple times... the Santa myth ended early for us, but Christmas was still magical and she got her due credit :-) Good luck with your long list of To Do's - you actually sound like you are way ahead of most of us.

  3. I hear you on the snow! I signed a contract & paid for snow removal this year so I'm hoping that'll be my Murphy's Law that we won't get anymore snow, lol!

    Good luck with your list, hope it gets done with not too much stress on your part! & Happy Thanksgiving!