December 8, 2014

Kids & Kairos

What gets me through the hard times?  This Momastery post, for one, explaining why it's okay to not to carpe diem.  Here's the video.  There are some weeks when I need to play the first three minutes of this clip in the morning and the evening to get through the tough times.  

Speaking of tough times, as so often happens in my parenting experience the valley that was Thanksgiving weekend has been followed by higher ground and better times.  Thank goodness.

My kairos moment this week?  It came on a school night, late in the evening....  

Since his younger brother protested so strongly, I thought Henry must surely be too old for this bedtime story.  I was wrong.  As I read the second to last page, he said sleepily, "It's like you're reading poetry, Mom.  Just not the rhyming kind."

There were other moments, too.

To show me how sorry he was for his atrocious behavior, Liam made me dozens of cards with hearts and then spelled my name using K'nex pieces.  
 Henry brought home this fun drawing:

We had a civilized meal with no french fries in sight. 

Our breakfast with Santa tradition remains happily intact.

The darker it gets, the brighter the stars shine.  I was able to appreciate these kairos moments so much more having gone through the mess that was last week.   Finally--something to be truly thankful for.


  1. So very glad to hear your week is getting better!! Hugs to all of you!!!

  2. Love this! It's amazing how things can be so awful, and then suddenly - better. Kairos.

  3. So glad to hear things turned around!! I swear Elsie can sense when I am completely done in and knows it is time to melt my heart... so I don't kill her. :)

  4. I liked that video of Carry on Warrior..... That's you my dear.. Your a warrior and put in a good fight for making MOMENTS just better! Big HUGS to YOU..