April 13, 2015

Searching for spring (we may have found it, not quite sure)

Okay, so the trees didn't have leaves and the grass wasn't green but it was wonderful to be outside watching for signs of barn swallows.  They are late this year because it was such a cold March.  That's okay, I loved having the boys outside in a wide, open space last weekend.  Next Saturday is a big Earth Day celebration and although we have two other things on the calendar, I think we'll make the trek to the nature center in the afternoon.

We've yet to take a long bike ride because the daytime temperatures have been so fickle.  One day it's in the low 40's and the next it's 65.  The trouble is, we never have enough free time on the days it's in the sixties. Instead I'll get serious and clear our calendar for a bike ride the next day.  Then the temperatures plummet.  We end up stuck inside with nothing to do because I cancelled everything.

I sure wish I could find an extended forecast source that was accurate.  The general trend is for warmer weather though, right?  So soon we will be on the bike trail.  (It may be time to attach the new bike carrier to my car--I'm excited and nervous at the same time!)

Today after school, I took the boys for ice cream.  You can see how much three days and a good rain did to bring out the color in the grass.  Liam went back to the car for his jacket but Henry and I were fine in the sun.  I even managed to beat the temptation to join them in a fattening treat.  I've decided to save my calories and fat grams for an emergency.  I will admit that I was half-hoping Liam wouldn't like his root beer float.  He wanted to try one for the first time but only if I agreed to "drink it and buy him something else" if he didn't care for it.  It really seemed like a win-win situation.  Liam would take a risk  and I might get dessert.  Well, he enjoyed every last drop of that float.  I know 'cause I watched him drink the entire thing just to be sure.

Speaking of spring rains, last Thursday just past midnight, I was awakened by the tornado siren.  I spent about ten seconds trying to ascertain if I was really hearing it.  I was convinced enough to get out of my warm bed and race to get Henry.  (Liam was co-sleeping. Again.  That's another post.  Believe me, that's another post.)  Anyway, where was I?  Oh, I raced and shouted for Henry, scaring him quite nicely.  He followed my directions and watched as I carried his sleeping brother to the safest part of our house.  Then all was completely quiet.  I checked my phone--no alerts.   Five minutes later,  I ventured out to the living room to check the television.  No warnings in effect.  Nothing at all in the area.  After ten minutes and more "radio" silence, I let everyone go back to bed.  Of course by now I had two frightened boys (it was thundering) so they slept in my queen size bed.  They slept.  I didn't.  

The next day everyone at work laughed at my story--waking from a dream and "hearing things", disturbing soundly sleeping children....  But what's a mother to do except follow her instincts?  And then, the next day-- redemption:  A coworker has a friend at the local police station.  She said the siren did go off, in error, at exactly the time I reported hearing it.  So, hah! I feel much better on all accounts.  No tornado but if there was one, I would have done my best to protect my family.  You know, in a sleepy, confused middle of the night kind of way.


  1. I would have FREAKED out!! Kudos to you for keeping your head on straight in the middle of the night!! Glad y'all are safe and that you aren't crazy :)

  2. I'm so happy spring is here, too! But yes, the cold then warm days, and unpredictable wind, make it hard to plan outside activities. Glad the tornado siren was just an error!

  3. You are such a good mom to sacrifice your self in case Liam didn't like his root beer float. ;)

    I hate those sirens in the middle of the night I also do that "Did I hear it or dreram it?" stuff.

  4. I hear you on the fickle weather. I'm desperate for it to be consistently warm!

    I would have been terrified by the siren. You can never be too careful!