July 26, 2011

Special Times...Simple Things

The lazy days of summer have gotten to me.  Instead of a long, narrative post, I'll share some of my favorite photos of the past week.  The boys still have to be coaxed to turn off dvds and go outside but once there, they have a great time.  They are sleeping fairly well except when there are thunderstorms.  Then there isn't a bed big enough for all of us.  It's not sharing the space I mind--not at all.  It's the wrestling and fighting over the blankets and pillows!  Here's hoping the skies are clear where you are tonight.
I just love his tummy.  (It's okay, I'm his mummy)
I know it's here somewhere   (Ready for salad--Liam is holding a bowl of croutons)

first homegrown tomato---ever!

slow to warm up to the idea, but quick to cool off
never saw a duck they didn't want to meet


  1. I love your photo post!! Your boys are so handsome.

  2. Great photos. You've captured summer.

  3. They are so handsome, and they're growing up so much!!