August 21, 2009

Pretend Play

This morning I showed Henry how to make shapes with Playdoh. Although I prefer "open-ended" materials, I was fine with him using the cookie cutter shapes to make a turtle, shark and goldfish. I figured it was too soon for him to make an object from "scratch". I also showed him how to use the tools (rolling pin, serrated cutter, etc.).

At his request we got the Playdoh out again after his nap. Before I knew it, Henry said "dragon". I didn't think there was a dragon cookie cutter, so I turned to look. As I did, he said, "alligator" and sure enough his lump of play clay had a long snout and teeth made with the plastic serrated, pizza cutter. Henry even showed me how his animal could use its mouth to "bite" things. There is no alligator/dragon pre formed shape in the set--he made it using his very own imagination!

No, the photo has nothing to do with his Playdoh alligator. I didn't get one before the creature was squished back into the plastic can. This photo is of a very large butterfly we saw in the front yard on Tuesday. Henry noticed it flitting to and fro as we drove up the driveway. A nice, late summer memory.

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