August 29, 2009

Seven Reasons This Week Was The Worst Ever

  1. At 10 am Monday (Liam's first day ever in daycare/Henry's first day in six months), I find out the sitter went on a day trip 40 miles away with her family. She left all daycare kids with "helpers".
  2. Picked up Liam at 3 pm. He was freezing cold from being in closed bedroom with a/c. Laying in pack 'n play alone with a full bottle he cannot hold for himself.
  3. At least 15 kids in daycare house, but "helpers" do not know how many are infants.
  4. Scramble to find replacement childcare. Can't get someone til Thurs.
  5. Paid first daycare for full week on Monday. Paid hourly sitter for Thurs & Fri, but will not get first check (since March) until Sept. 15.
  6. Came home Friday to very feverish, crying Henry. Baby not acting himself either.
  7. Trying to make arrangements for back-up care in case he is still sick on Monday. So far no luck. Will have to call in sick on my students fourth day back in school.

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