October 3, 2009

Apple Fest

There were so many reasons why I should not have gone to Apple Fest today.  I was up all night with the baby.  (He even woke Henry, so I had screaming in stereo for a while.)  The house needed a good, basic cleaning after I spent the work week ignoring dishes, laundry and dust bunnies the size of Massachusetts.  Going to Apple Fest meant Henry would miss his nap and Liam's feeding schedule would be off.  I spent precious hours this morning grocery shopping and putting away the week's food.  The clock was already ticking, could I really justify an outing that wasn't on the "must-do" list?

The scarcity of free time is exactly why I decided to turn everything upside down and go join in the outdoor fun.  Saturday would be gone in twelve hours whether I stayed home to vacuum or not.  The weekend would be half over and I'd have little to show for it.  Most of what I would accomplish by staying home were things that become undone just as fast as I check them off the list.  Fix meals, wash dishes, mop the floor...

So instead I left the messes and tight schedule behind for a few hours.  It was overcast and eventually rained, but I enjoyed being out among interesting people and good friends.  Henry had great fun feeding the ducks.  We gazed at the truly beautiful birds swimming in a quaint pond.  Henry also rode a miniature train and bounced in a jumpy house.  Sure we could have spent that time (and money) on more industrious, important tasks around the house but I felt compelled to recognize the importance of Saturdays,  little boy smiles and the beauty of fall afternoons. 

Instead of  a clean house, paid bills or complete lesson plans, I have good memories of time well spent.  I've got the photos and a very tired toddler to prove it!


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  2. Housework can wait. Kids can't. Today I found a little "rat pile" of receipts and stuff from 2005. With this were pictures of Raven having fun on a visit when she was a kid of 12. Now she's 16.