October 7, 2009

"That's seven, Mom, that's seven!"  Henry enjoys picking up sticks on our late afternoon walks.  I enjoy spending a few minutes thinking of nothing but my sons as we stroll unhurriedly around the block.  There is so much to do after work, I must force myself to set aside household chores and just be with my family.  On this particular walk, Henry shouted, ""That's seven, Mom, that's seven!"  He was holding this stick and beaming! Two and half years old and the boy knows all his numbers and letters.  He spots them everywhere!  We've started saving twigs in our garage.  In addition to the "7", we have a "y" and about a dozen others that just look like sticks.  Children really do make the ordinary extraordinary

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  1. Fun! I love all the things kids notice. It's so much fun. We don't go on enough walks! :)

    Thanks for the compliment you left on my blog! I love having the blog to share all the fun things we do! We shouldn't compare ourselves to others or feel bad as long as we are doing the best we can. Believe me, there are some days I get nothing done!