October 14, 2009

The Long, Long, Long List

...of things to do never ends.  It can be quite overwhelming.  Especially on a weeknight when I am trying to get the boys in bed so I can start my third job (housework).  I've learned a few things that help me stay calm. 
  1. I can get the most important, urgent things accomplished every night.
  2. Most tasks only take five minutes.  A lot can be done in 300 seconds--believe me.  When the amount of different chores seems daunting, I remind myself of this fact.
  3. If I tackle the most difficult, time-consuming, least appealing item on the list first, everything else begins to flow and get finished.
  4. If it is really getting late and I'm too tired to keep going, I turn off all the lights.  The house does not look nearly as messy in the dark.
Post finished.  285 seconds.  Next....

1 comment:

  1. I think housework is the part of my life I dread the most. I like the idea of just doing a little bit every day so it doesn't get so out of hand. Have you heard of FlyLady.net? I found her over the summer and she has some cool ideas. I don't completely follow her, but she does keep you on a rotation and gives you tasks to do every day. I like her idea of the Hot Spots...there are just certain spots in the house where things tend to clutter!