October 24, 2009


I've decided to introduce Henry to the world of messy crafts.  Inspired by projects from Family Fun magazine and Skip to My Lou, we are now practicing a brand-new tradition:   CRAFTER-NOONS.  Once a week after school we will create something fun together.   This time, Liam watched while munching on rice puffs, but soon he'll be able to join us...

This photo shows transformation of baby food jars into colorful, seasonal candleholders. The process is the most important part of these activities.  Henry actually has his own ideas on how to use the materials, including the addition of twigs and paper napkins.   One of the best moments of  this Crafter-Noon was when we began making a candle for his grandmother's upcoming birthday.  He pointed to another jar and said, "That ones for Grandpa".  Grandpa's birthday is a long way off, but we made a candleholder for him too.  Henry chose orange paper and took great care adding glue with his paintbrush.  The candles weren't the only things glowing when we finished.   We're both looking forward to the next project!


  1. I really like your blog so I am giving you an award! Please accept it @ http://www.wholelottamama.info/2009/10/another-wonderful-award.html

  2. Very fun! We try and do crafts when we can. I haven't officially gotten too creative with crafts but we painted pinecones yesterday and glued black beans on a piece of paper in the shape of the letter "J". The hardest part for me is letting Jordan do whatever he wants because I want it to look nice in the end...I've come to terms with the fact that it can still look great if it's not all professional. :)