November 11, 2009

How I Spent My Day Off

After the usual breakfast routine/rush, I spent this rare weekday off doing the following.
  • Took H to daycare
  • Washed kitchen and dining room floors
  • Drove Liam to drs. appt.
  • Returned home, wrote several e-mails
  • Retrieved our runaway dog from the neighbor's
  • Painted two accent walls (previously accented with Henry's fingerprints)
  • Touched up the paint on Henry's ceiling (don't ask)
  • Rearranged furniture in bedrooms so we'll all get a good night's sleep (hope springs eternal)
  • Prepared lunch, nursed Liam
  • Went to fabric store (almost unheard of these days)
  • Returned home, fed Liam
  • Picked up H from daycare
  • Took both boys to the mall to start Christmas shopping (with a quick stop for chicken nuggets)
  • Returned home, fed Liam
  • Bathed both boys
  • Read two bedtime stories
  • Put H to bed (after discovering entire bed needed to be stripped and remade--really, don't ask)
  • Nursed Liam and tucked him in
In between chores and errands, I added more and more to my weekly to-do list.  Probably two items for every one that I finished today.  Instead of letting it get me down and overwhelmed, I'm choosing to give myself credit where credit is due.  I'm certain if all of us wrote down the things we accomplish in one day, our lists would be amazing.  Try it...and let's all give ourselves a much needed break.


  1. Oh my I thought that I did a lot on my day off! Credit is definitely due here! stay strong!

  2. I don't work out of the house OR have 2 small kids at home and I don't get this much done on a good day!!! Good job!

  3. It's scary the things we do have to do and get done everyday! Sometimes I have to write down every little thing, first of all, just so I don't forget anything...and then later I look at all the things I crossed of and all the things I somehow did. It's wild. We are busy people. Is that a good thing? I like to be busy...but sometimes it's crazy!