January 18, 2010

School Holiday

It's rare for our library to be open on a school holiday, but we lucked out today.   We arranged to meet Henry's young friend on the children's floor.  They love to hang out at the train table, put together puzzles, build with blocks and use the computers.  All things that I never imagined doing at the library when I was their age!

After a while, Henry noticed the very large fish tank that is located near the older kids' books.  He was soon joined by three other children.  Henry began to tell the group about the fish, pointing out their characteristics with much glee.  He looked like a museum guide leading a school tour.  I just loved watching that.  (I try very hard not to take pictures of other peoples' children, so all you see here is Henry studying the puffer fish and his tankmates.

The public library is one community resource for which I am especially grateful.  Our local district does a fabulous job meeting the needs of all the village residents, young and old.  I wish I could take advantage of their children's programs during the day but we still get a lot of use out the facility.  And boy, do I love browsing their online catalog from home.  One click and, in a day or two, my book is waiting for me at the drive-up window.  Oh, how libraries have changed!


  1. I love it! Amazing library. We do not get to use ours as much as we would like to either!

  2. OMG - a drive through library? They still don't have drive through coffee houses here in England!

    Henry is adorable. x

  3. Isn't it amazing? I also love my local library. We always take books home and the kids love me to read books to them. Henry looks so mature pointing at the fish in the tank! Lovely moments!

  4. I would be completely broke if it wasn't for my lovely library. I'm dangerous with the online ordering, too. If it's there I'll go find it, but if it's new or from another library I'll totally order it online and then pick it up when I come. The librarians know who I am now when I show up for my books!

    I took J on Monday. He had fun but I was tired so we didn't stay long. He did find a Trucktown book...it's a series by Scieska. It's great. He loves it!

  5. Man I wish we had the drive threw library! But I was just so excited when I started reserving books from the computer and also being able to renew them on line.. It sure makes it for quick trips! I still enjoy so much the times we go to the book stores and have coffee.. Two of our favorite loves!