January 21, 2010

It's finished...on to the next project!

      As my needles went back and forth producing rows of stitches, my mind went back and forth producing thoughts of guilt and creativity.  This scarf is the first thing I have knitted in almost a year.  Over the past three years I have only finished three small projects.  It was wonderful to be back at the craft but I did worry that this was not the best use of my time when the boys were sleeping. 
         I sat on the sofa knitting away while surrounded by laundry, lesson plans, dishes and dirty floors.   Sure it was late at night and I had cared for the boys all evening after teaching all day, but could I really justify the downtime?  I'll never completely silence my inner critic.  Yet the satisfaction gained from working at something that wasn't just going to be consumed, dirtied or destroyed within a few hours was well worth the guilt.

     This is a simple stockinette pattern with garter stitch border all around.  The silvery yarn is Contessa by Rozetti knit up on size 17 needles.  (I have a feeling that, at least for the next few years, I'll frequently reach  for the larger needles in my collection.)  The added sparkle in the scarf comes from matching sequins already strung along the yarn.  The effect is subtle and effortless but not plain.  The success of this project motivates me to continue to the next.  I'm thinking of a zip-up sweater for Liam to wear at Easter...


  1. please try not to feel guilty ~ we are better moms when we allow ourselves to do what makes us happy. Can't wait to see a picture of Liam's sweater.

  2. Fun!!!! You should so not feel guilty. I am a true believer in taking care of yourself first. If you stress yourself out with everything else and never take time for yourself you'll definitely be a bad mom. It's only fair that you get to do something for yourself. Chad stresses out when the house is not in great condition but if I spent all my time cleaning all the time I'd never do anything else. That's not cool.

    I randomly found a book today called Bad Mother. (I already put it on hold at the library.) The subtitle is: A Chronicle of Maternal Crimes, Minor Calamaties, and Occasional Moments of Grace. It sounds fun to me. I've embraced that fact that I can't be perfect but that I'm doing my best and that's all any of us can hope for.

  3. I am so proud of YOU! As my teacher of my now favorite past time and holiday gifts I am forever grateful for you taking the time to teach me! So I am so glad to hear you are still have the stitches going and look at that helper he is just to sweet for words!