January 9, 2010

Winter Knits

Guess what? I've decided to add more goals to my to-do list!  I want to start (and finish!) several knitting projects.  This photo shows Henry wearing the sweater I knitted for him when he was a baby.  Obviously, it was too large at the time.  It's been in the closet waiting for him to grow.  Now that he's wearing it, I realize Liam needs one too.   I plan on starting his yellow sweater as soon as I finish the scarf I am working on.  Back in October, I promised myself that I would knit a luxurious scarf just for me.  I bought the yarn at a boutique I used to frequent BH (before Henry).   I had visions of a bulky scarf with a single vertical cable.  Well, it took months to start it.  I realize that since I will only have time to knit after the boys are in bed and an hour or two of chores are done, I probably need to stick to a super simple pattern.  Or no pattern at all.  So the scarf will be a simple stockinette rectangle.  Still, I splurged on luxurious yarn with sequins, so maybe it will turn out well.

So here's a list of my knitting goals.  And yes, holiday gifts are listed.  I figure with all the multitasking required in my life right now and with only 1/2 hour or less to knit each day, I need to start next winter's projects sooner than later!  I have actually acquired all of the patterns and organized them in a binder.
  • Finish silver scarf
  • Make an Easter sweater for Liam
  • Knit and felt coffee sleeves for gifts
  • Create children's hats to give friends' children next Christmas
  • Make keepsake "big boy" blankets for Henry and Liam
I get a great sense of accomplishment when I complete a project and see it in use.  I knitted baby hats for both my boys.  It was fine yarn knitted on four double pointed needles.  Their heads outgrew the little caps in less time than it took to make them.  Still I am so glad I made them.  A good friend suggested that I place the hats in shadowboxes and display them.  It was a great idea!  I also added photos of the boys wearing the them when they were only weeks old.  Henry loves to look at both frames and share them with everyone who visits the playroom. So while I feel a little guilty taking 30 minutes each evening to sit and knit when I should be cooking or cleaning, I am going to continue with these handmade projects.  (Unless I fall asleep mid-row with needles in hand.)


  1. What a cool idea! Actually knitting has become the new thing to do for the 20 somethings (at least in one group of semi-cool women that I know). They have knitting clubs like I had a book club.
    I LOVE the shadow boxes. It's so personal, especially with the picture showing them wearing it and having the cap right there reminds you of how small they once were.

  2. Super cute idea to hang up the hats. I love that you made them. I am all about handmade stuff! You seem to be much more advanced than me when it comes to knitting. You should post your projects when you finish...or as you are going! Where do you get your patterns? There is a quaint little yarn shop about 5 minutes from us that I haven't been to in almost 2 years but I'm dying to go. Next paycheck...after I finish this stupid knitted box I'm attempting! I want to make a baby hat, too! I have a couple of patterns I found online. How did you learn to knit?

  3. I am very impressed with the wonderful sweater and love the hats! I sadly am a humble crochet-er who can only crochet endless baby blankets. They do make nice gifts to the NICU though! I have enlisted my aunt who loves to knit to make some preemie baby caps since they are way beyond my skill. Perhaps some day I can master crocheting in the round to make a cap!

  4. Those little framed hats are gorgeous! I always wish I could knit, it seems very therapeutic and relaxing.