January 5, 2010

Prince Henry the Navigator

Who needs GPS when they have a toddler willing to help? These days H is always ready to lend a hand. He uses the tools Santa brought him to fix various things around the house. Things I didn't even know were broken! He drills holes in the carpet and pounds the big nails (doorknobs) into the closet. He now owns at least three screwdrivers, two tape measures and four levels. And don't even get me started on flashlights! There are too many to count. Needless to say we go through a lot of batteries around here!

Oh, and by the way, there really was a Prince Henry the Navigator.  Sometimes I think I'm the only one paying attention when I teach my history class, but at least it comes in handy when I need a title for my post. 


  1. Ah yes, but your Prince Henry is far more handsome and much more handy around the house than the elder Prince Henry :)

  2. The other day I was thinking about how map skills are going to be obsolete one day when we can just enter everything into a GPS. It's sad really. I don't think we own even one map in the entire house or the cars. Hmm...interesting.