February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Baby

My darling boy is one year old.  We had three cakes on different days.  One celebration with grandma, one with grandpa and then a little kids party on Saturday.  Liam will always be my baby but even I can see that  he is growing up fast.  I hope he will let me hold him a little longer.  I love feeling him in my arms and looking into those beautiful eyes.  I will never have a child younger than him.  Never have another who needs me more. 

Liam is in such a hurry to catch up with his brother.  He must know where Henry is at every moment.  He only wants the toys/food/activities that Henry has.  If I am reading or talking to Liam he pays a bit of attention to me but only until his brother enters the room.  Then, of course, he just wants to be next to his sibling.  I am glad they are close, yet sometimes I miss the bond we had for a short time.

He's my boy.  No matter how far he crawls from me, the friends he chooses, the independence he shows, I will still be waiting right here for him.  My baby.


  1. I just wanted to say your boys are adorable. I recently changed my blog settings so I had to be notified before people can post comments. However, I seemed to have forgotten I did that and just now saw all of your comments. I decided to keep my blog public since I can moderate my comments. Feel free to continue following our blog. Boys are so much fun!

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy. x

  3. Happy Birthday to your little man!!

    What a cutie!!