February 17, 2010

Morning Antics

  I actually remember doing this myself when I was a very young girl.  I can picture the apartment in which we were living.  I know the path I took from the bathroom still holding a ribbon of paper as it trailed behind me.  I doubt that I was much older than Henry is here.  So in honor of one of my earliest memories and (more importantly) my son's sheer delight in the sensation of unrolling all of the Charmin, I took these early morning photos. 
A workday morning.  The camera was downstairs.  The children had not been changed or fed.  The clock was ticking.  I went downstairs anyway.  By the time I returned to the master bedroom, scraps of paper had torn off and landed everywhere.  The dogs were hiding under the bed.  Liam was bolting for the stairs--headfirst of course.  Henry was running circles around the bed and through the bathroom.  And the clock was ticking.  No one had socks on yet.  No one knew where their shoes were.  Shredded paper collected under the crib.  Liam's coos and snorts could barely be heard above Henry's giggles.  At one point the dog had a toilet paper leash.  And the clock was...oh, who cares about that dumb old clock anyway?  


  1. LOL, It made me laugh so much! Now I feel I am not the only one seeing one toilet paper roll spent a day!!! Very cute!

  2. Boy that sounds like a party! Such fun!
    Cherish those days darlin!

  3. Sometimes you just have to stop doing what you SHOULD do and live in the moment and enjoy it.
    And Kick that clock.