February 4, 2010

Keeping Track of Toddlerhood and Beyond...

The fast approach of Liam's birthday reminds me that I must hang up his "Baby's Second Year" calendar.  I purchased a set of first and second year calendars when both my boys were born.  When Henry turned two, I had a charming record of his milestones along with  twenty four special photos to save as a keepsake.  I knew that one day Henry would enjoy seeing his babyhood carefully documented.

The only problem was there were no third year calendars on the market.  I had gotten into the habit of recording all the fun things Henry did on the date he did them.  I was used to noting his growth and development with tiny, but readable, notes.  As the second year spaces were coming to the end, I was also preparing to welcome Henry's brother with his very own baby's year calendar.   How could I possibly let Henry know he was still special, his third year achievements just as important? 

Here's my solution.     It's a small "scrapbooking calendar" with room for a seasonal photo each month.  I found mine at the dollar store (don't tell Henry).  It worked out so well that I plan to continue this method of keeping track of their accomplishments.  Both boys have their calendars hanging just off the family room, a location that comes in handy for recording the milestones, meltdowns and mayhem.


  1. What a great solution. And of course the third year milestones are worthy of their own calendar!

  2. What a great idea :) The boys will love these when they are older. x

  3. Great idea! i did that for Jordan's first year but then since then I have just kept a little journal with all the cute things he does or says. They'll love it!

  4. What a great idea! I promised myself I would do a photo-book for Yael, but I keep postponing it. The calendar might be an easier idea!