March 17, 2010

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Run, don't walk to your nearest libary and check out this book on audio cd. The narration is simply beautiful and brings each character to life. My car was filled with the voices of Aibileen, Minny and Miss Skeeter for weeks as they told me of their lives in Jackson, Mississippi. Set in 1962, this one of the best novels I've experienced in recent years.

I often borrow books on cd and listen during my daily commute.  It's helpful because I have so little time to sit and read a hardcopy of a book. However, my praise for the audio edition of this novel has nothing to do with multitasking. The three extraordinarily talented narrators turn Kathryn Stockett's prose into music. I'm still humming the quiet melody of her characters' lives.

If you are looking for a treat for your ears and your soul disguised as a thought-provoking story of women questioning and confronting Jim Crow, help yourself to this novel. I'm very glad I did.


  1. I agree, I was a member of a books on cd club, and thoroughly enjoyed the books I listened to. Excellent way to spend your time. I will sure go to the library to check a copy out.

  2. Thanks! I LOVE a good book on CD. Especially if the reader changes his voice to match the characters. Much easier to immerse yourself in the story. I'll check our library!

  3. This was on the list of books to choose for book club this month...we voted on Nerfertiti instead...but I'm going to go order this one on audio!!!! :)