March 15, 2010

PJ Surprise

In an effort to spend some quality moments with baby Liam, I allow my oldest son to watch a few minutes of PBS cartoons after dinner.  It's ten minutes of quiet time for all members of the family. 
As this particular evening began to wind down to the routine that gently guides the boys to bed, my big boy ran into the darkened room where I was rocking his brother to sleep.  Imagine my panic when I saw Henry's body completely covered with an unusual rash.  Relief came quickly when I remembered that I had not left him in his birthday suit.  These may look like ordinary jungle animal pajamas but they're so much more...  The outlines of the lion, elephant, monkey and crocodile glow in the dark!

Henry has worn these pjs before but we've never seen them glow until tonight.  I attribute this fun surprise to the fact that we left the set out in a sunny room all day.  The fabric absorbed enough light to activate the special effects this evening.  At seven pm both boys were wearing Carter's pajama sets but only Henry's could be seen in the inky blackness filling the room.*  Strangely, the spaceship, star and moon pattern on Liam's pjs did not show up in the dark.  Apparently jungle animals are nocturnal; aliens are not. 

*BTW when one tries to take a picture of glow-in-the-dark pajamas, all one gets is a photo of the dark.


  1. That would have scared the begeezzus out of me! :)

    Saw you were reading The Cupboard of Life, let me know how you like it!

  2. very cute! LOL. Very interesting fact that the PJs cannot be photographed in the dark.

  3. That is awesome! What a funny story. I would have totally freaked out, too!!!! I wish it was possible to take semi-dark pictures. Like in the morning when Jordan crawls into bed with us or when he's sleeping so sweetly in his crib at night. I love those images but I just have to keep them locked in my memory!

  4. Funny story. If he is anything at all like C he will want ALL his pajamas to glow in the dark now.