March 9, 2010

The Party's Over...

Two big birthday parties in our home--two weeks apart! We created some fun memories and marked the milestones of turning one and three years old in style!  But there are reasons I'm looking forward to months without birthday celebrations. 

First of all, it's a lot of work.  I'll admit that much of the planning and anticipating is fun.  Imagining and then creating decorations and favors that would delight each of my sons and their guests kept me occupied for many weeks.  Finding just the right toddler trinket for the gift bags, the perfect racing theme tablecloth and kid-size traffic cones on my lunch hour trips to Target energized me.  Getting the house cleaned, tables and seating set up along with food preparation exhausted me.  Especially after a long week at work.  Still I'm glad I had two separate parties.  The boys each deserved their own special day to share with friends and family.
Now for the real reason I'm glad the parties are over.  I need my boys to stay little.  At least for another year.  No more birthdays until I'm ready for them to grow a little bigger, a little more independent, a little further away from the babies I held in my arms.

Having a one year old and a three year old means I am still changing diapers, washing sippy cups and cooking three different things for dinner.  I'm cutting their food into tiny pieces and constantly sweeping those pieces from the floor.   I'm bathing boys in a tub full of bubbles and boats with water splashing all the way out into the hall.  I'm reading rhyming stories while my son nestles against me in a cozy room lit only by a 7 watt bulb.  Having very little children means that they are always happy to see me when I return home from the shortest errand or the longest day.  It means that a trip to McDonalds can make them as happy as a trip to Disney World.  It means that I can still try to protect them from the scary things in this world.

Yes, birthdays are fun. But they are only the frosting on layers of precious ordinary days in between.


  1. Sounds like you gave both your precious boys lovely birthdays. What a beautiful post. x

  2. Wow. So poetic. I love the way you describe all the delightful little things that happen with small children. I assure you, all of those lovely moments will still be part of every day for at least 4 more years. Likely even longer than that. My 6 1/2 year old still delights in the little things you describe. He's even moreso in love with me and expresses himself in so many beautiful ways. I know your boys will too.
    The only big difference in your story compared to my life with a bigger kid is successful potty training--no more diaper changes (at least during the day).

  3. Great cake! I know what you mean, birthday parties can be exhausting. I miss just holding Jordan before putting him to bed. I love hearing all his little thoughts though. He's so sweet. All you can do is just cherish the moments you have, sad as it is to see them grow up. :)

  4. Oh so true. I feel the same way about my kids. I don't want them to grow up so quickly! I am not ready even if they are. What I do to cherish the moments is to take photos so I don't forget how wonderful they were. I also record their beautiful voices, to keep the memories alive.
    Lovely post!