May 23, 2010

Project: Capelets

Simplicity 4434 with a few  modifications

These capelets were finished just in time for the twin baby shower on Sunday.  I chose an easy pattern to use with the fabric I fell in love with at the store.  Each night this week, after the boys were in bed, I worked cutting out the pieces and preparing the fabric.  I wasn't too productive because it's hard to have energy (even for a simple project like this) after working all day with middle schoolers and wrangling toddlers for hours after that.   That left most of the project to be done on Saturday.  All would have worked out fine if I hadn't chosen this particular day to allow Henry to skip his nap.

We had a wonderful morning.  Shopping and lunch at a new indoor playground.  Even Liam enjoyed climbing the padded structure and watching the big kids.  Henry made a new friend who helped him navigate the bigger areas of the playground. 

We arrived home at 2 pm.  (The boys usually nap from 12 to 3.)  I put Liam down but allowed Henry to stay downstairs.  I didn't think he'd actually sleep after all the excitement.   "Just sit quietly and watch Sesame Street while Mommy sews,"  I told him.  Ok, I'll pause while you finish laughing.
I love working with girly colors!

Well, aside from learning how to work with this fabric and that I didn't buy enough ribbon, I also learned that my boy is not ready to give up naps.  He spent the next hours whining, crying, tantrumming and insisting he wasn't tired.  We were both miserable. 

Thank goodnes there was a brief respite when I took Henry and his brother out for chocolate ice cream.  Liam had woke up from his nap refreshed and couldn't figure out why his brother was so cranky.  He just sat there in his highchair eating ice cream and strawberries.  Every so often, Liam would steal a glance at Henry with an expression of what's your problem? 

I knew Henry needed a nap.  At 3 years, 3 months many people think he should be able to give up the afternoon snooze.  I know he's not ready--next time I'll trust my intuition.


  1. For what it's son is 4 years and 4 months old and NO WHERE near giving up his afternoon nap. He is a mess without it. So I don't think you're crazy thinking your three year old still needs it. A boy needs his nap. And Mommy's need their kids to nap just as well!

  2. I seem to recall having to have a short nap in the afternoon when I started school, and that was at the old age of 5! You do what you think is best for Henry, he's your son, what anyone else thinks doesn't matter because they aren't Henry's mom :)

    Beautiful capelets x

  3. Is there anything that you *can't* do? :)
    Very cute capelets.
    And, my 3 is nowhere near giving up the nap. Even my 5 passes out several times a month.

  4. Wow! What a great job on the capes! You are multi-talented!!

  5. You are amazing to have the energy to to all you do and THEN sew!! You are quite creative too. Your creations are beautiful.
    My son needed naps until he was a little past 4 years old. Of course I wanted to keep needing them for longer, but it was apparent that he certainly was over that phase faster than I wished. Isn't that always the way?

  6. I am going to hang onto naps as long as possible!!!! Jordan can almost go without naps, but he's not himself and that makes life just so frustrating for everyone!

    I love the capelets!!!!! Super sweet. The fabric is awesome. I'm so bad at buying fabric because I like it and then not knowing what to do with it! Those turned out great!

  7. Great caps, let the naps rule!